Family and tradition are very important to us!

We are proud of our family and grateful to be able to run the "Pension Lachmann" in the 4th generation!

As early as 1912, the - at that time still - "Fremdenheim Lachmann" was founded and successfully operated by my great-grandparents Kurt and Frieda Lachmann. Certainly not an easy start, because World War I was about to begin.

Having recovered from the glorious twenties, my great-grandfather had to keep the business going even during World War II. After that, things didn't get any easier for the family either, because the SED regime prescribed everything that was possible in business - prices, what could be offered and what could be sold, whereby goods of all kinds were always in short supply. Despite everything, my family has always managed to give our guests a relaxing and eventful holiday.

We are continuing this tradition and look forward to hopefully passing it on to our children.